The 2019 agenda will be announced closer to the event.

**First Keynote Speaker Confirmed: Mr. Orlando Alvarez, President and CEO, BP Energy

Below is a basic agenda for reference.

Overall Forum Theme: U.S. Gulf Coast – center of the universe for Natural Gas and global LNG

  1. Unique attributes of U.S. Gulf Coast Natural Gas
    • Geography
    • Supply availability
    • Market alternatives
    • Infrastructure capability
    • Cross-commodity interdependencies
    • Geopolitics; policy; regulatory
  2. Natural Gas Supply – U.S. Gulf Coast 2019 – state of the Market
    • Production regions in proximity to the U.S. Gulf Coast; onshore; offshore; conventional; unconventional; gulf coast regional distinctions
    • Forecast availability and growth
    • Pricing forecast; forwards; basis; influences; linkage to world prices
    • Producer/marketer perspectives; contracting trends
  3. Gas Demand – U.S. Gulf Coast 2019 – state of the Market
    • Domestic demand vs. export; gulf coast regional distinctions
    • Forecast demand by segment (LNG exports, industrial; petrochem; ethanol, powergen; commercial; residential; pipe to other markets, etc.)
    • Pricing forecast (by segment); influences; linkage to world prices; fuel alternatives
    • Gas buyer perspectives; contracting trends
  4. Gas Infrastructure – U.S. Gulf Coast 2019 – state of the Market
    • Current capability; redundancy; reliability; gulf coast regional distinctions
    • Forecast requirements
    • Expansion projects; debottlenecking; re-routing; M & A
    • Gas / electric coordination
    • Contracting trends
  5. Focus on the Natural Gas/LNG value chain on the U.S. Gulf Coast
    • LNG terminal project inventory and new project schedule
    • Unique aspects of LNG value chain; feedgas; liquefaction; regasification; shipping
    • Identifying opportunities to obtain value at various points from supply, through infrastructure to markets
    • Liquidity; volatility; constraints; growth
    • New market entrants vs. established players
  6. Other
    • Natural Gas / Electric Infrastructure Coordination; support for renewables
    • Gas supply contract case studies: term, price structures, etc.
    • Regulatory issues; FERC
    • NGO & public opinion opposition to continued development
    • Geopolitics; public policy direction
    • Interdependencies of hydrocarbon products
    • Merchant LNG services; Merchant CNG services
    • New technologies benefiting the natural gas value chain
    • Gas supply advisory services; financial services